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Campervans, Motorhomes, 4WD/All-Wheel Drive Campers, Minicampers, Caravans

Do you value comfort and space, like to be mobile, and prefer a dirt track to the road all without paying too much?

At alacampa® find the perfect Campervan, regardless of whether you are looking for an all-terrain adventure, a budget camper or a larger caravan still suited to keep you on the move.

In general, it can be difficult for travellers to find competitive deals and even harder to compare quotes. However, built around an emphasis on hard work and great connections, alacampa® is the place to find transparent camper pricings as well as standard on-site costs. Individual add-ons (including spare tyres, camping equipment, bikes, GPS) must be organized and paid for at the pick up location. A breakdown of camper costs and any additional costs at time of pick up will be shown separately during the check-out process of booking.

Advice from our camper experts

If you can't decide which camper is right for you, travelling with a camper for the first time or have children or infants along for the ride, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for tips and advice.

Expert Tips

  • Be sure that when selecting a vehicle that it isn’t too small- even if the dimensions listed in the vehicle description sound big.
  • 'Flexible' luggage is recommend over hard-shelled suitcases. This allows for easier storage that won’t get in the way. Some rental companies will store your suitcases (limited space!), however this should only be organised if the vehicle is being returned to the same pick up location.
  • Be aware when travelling with children and infants that each country has its own rules for the attachment of children’s safety and booster seating. Our experts are happy to answer any other questions on this topic and can be contacted by phone or via email.
  • The peak season for camper rentals occurs between December and January and available vehicles disappear fast. Please book vehicles for this period well in advance (up to six months is recommended)!

6 points to impress

Experienced Campervan Experts

Our first camper booking was 25 years ago. Since then we have explored countless lands in our Campers.
We know what we’re talking about!

No Hidden Costs

There are no unpleasant surprises in the form of hidden fees or surcharges.
alacampa® stands for price transparency!

Exchange Rate Guarantee

Our rental prices are guaranteed and are not subject to currency fluctuations.
The only price is the one on the booking!

Choose from a Diverse range of Vehicles

Select your vehicle from a choice of 242 campers across 48 providers throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

Money Saving Combinations

We’ll search multiple providers to determine whether you can combine vehicles and save more money!

No Cheap Flights?

We can combine your Camper booking with flights offers and other travel requirements. Please specify for requirements when requesting a quote!